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FAT...the glue that holds it together???

I'm not a nutritionist (but I play one on t.v.) - but like you, I eat, so I have some sense of what is what in the kitchen. For better or for worse I have turned into quite the little late life distant cyclist and I'm challenged by a few things. When we do 4 to 6 hour rides, here in sweltering hot Cambodia, we really have to get on the road at the first sign of light....which, for my belly is just plain ol' too early to eat. So I carry my food. I usually bring bananas (in cambodia bananas are just longer than my thumb, so I take 3 or 4) and usually buy a coconut to drink on the road. But frankly, it isn't enough. I'm not stuck on the numbers, but if my heart rate monitor is anything near right, I'll scorch 2000 calories + on these rides. I feel hungry on my way home and when I get home, the idea of eating anything is just repulsive. I have to cool down and stretch, then shower and it is probably another hour before I feel I can eat anything. I think it is the heat. So one solution is to bring more food with me on the road and snack as I ride. But that vast array of nutrition bars and athletic energy bars (and candy bars for that matter!) is not available to me here, so I have taken to making stuff. granola stuff - seeds, oats, fruit....energy. And all the recipes call for butter, I guess because when all is said and done, when your pan of stuff goes in to the fridge, it hardens back up so you can cut it into bars...right? I'm not totally afraid of butter and fat...and I'll concede. Please don't suggest honey and reduced apple juice...these are sticky sweeteners, but they don't harden to help me form bars that hold together. I put this at the weight loss blogging thread because I figure y'all are more up to date with this stuff than I am....but regardless of who picks this up ( could be cyclists???) can you suggest a way to make "granola bars?" - i.e. hold my stuff together - other than the use of butter? On a super cool note, I have this energy gel that a guy in seattle introduced me to called chocolate #9. ( runningquest.net/.../on-cloud-9-with-chocolate-9 ) I loved this on the seattle to portland ride, but frankly it is just too much goo for me here in the heat. I brought back a box of it and haven't used it. So I mixed it in with some peanut butter and stirred that into my all-bran twigs, oats, etc etc and that held together! I blame the peanut butter...but whatever...I was happy to discover that and it is fantastic and filling and laden with road-calories. I have to keep my kids out of it though because I think it is deceptively healthy - probably more calories than a snickers. anyway - if any of you know how to make granola BARS (not just cereal) or "flapjacks" as the brits call them, I am all ears....thanks!



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