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Finding the Perfect Sound

Finding the right sound for your profile can be a daunting task.  We whip out a profile in minutes, yet it takes hours to find that right sound.  We may listen to the playlist and maybe even ride our profile several times and each time we hear something different that we need to change.  We toil over changes by adding a song, taking another out of the playlist, moving songs to another spot and even looking for a new mix for another song.  Then we step into the studio and pray that our students will appreciate the time and effort we put into our music selection.  Most do, but none really understand the time it takes to get the sound just right.


Finding the perfect sound for a profile may be difficult some days and easier on others.  I found what works for me is to plan out my profile first.  Select movements, targeted intensities and time for each movement well before I attempt to add music to give the profile its own soundtrack.  Then I start selecting music that works for the movements I have in my profile until I fill the entire time needed for the playlist.  However, I don’t always find that perfect song that coincides directly with my profile.  I can do one of two things.  First I can look for a song that fits the timing, but that may destroy how well the song I have chosen blends with the one before and after the segment I’m trying to build.  I found the easiest thing is to go back and adjust my time requirements for the movements to match the music while maintaining the overall goal of the profile. 


I have learned that there is only one person in the room that knows if your profile has varied from its original plan.  That person is the instructor.  If you need to tweak time, don’t be afraid to adjust the time of a movement.  You’ll find that you’re profiles and soundtracks become a give and take when you fine-tune them into an incredible work of art.




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