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Fitness besties?

BFF. Besties. How important are friends in our lives? As an educated woman, I do still buy into the idea of women as nurturers and men as hunters and gatherers. And because I do believe in this, I completely understand why my social relationships are so important to me, and why connectedness to others makes my life so much more complete. During the fall and winter this year, I?ve been working on a different fitness certification and through this process, I realized the importance of social support. In working on my form and choreography with my friend Angela, the time we spent together wound up being more than just fitness?and it became friendship. During our quick downtime or when we were practicing form, we?d chit-chat and got to know each other pretty well. To the point that we now call each other ?Combat Besties? (an homage to our mutual fitness certification) and we regularly swap emails to catch up on each other?s days?last week we finally took the time to go out together socially and it was so much fun. To be able to hang out with someone whose priority is also fitness is so great---we had been talking about going out for a while, but we had never pressured each other to set up a time because honestly, both of us knew we were NOT going to give up gym time after work for a meal out. Thus, we smartly settled upon lunchtime, which was perfect?we?d still be able to have our workout together later in the day, but we?d finally be able to do something social. So, BFF. Besties. I knew you could find friends at the gym?but I just didn?t realize how wonderful such friends could be. -June



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