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Fitness, Friends and Fun!

Fitness, Friends and Fun!

I don’t know about you, but for me as an instructor, many of the Spinning® Profiles and Fitness Classes I design are a result of the time spent with my friends training.  Teaching Spinning® is truly a labor of love and one that I personally enjoy.  Thomas Edison once said that he had never worked a day in his life. It was all fun! Wouldn't it be great if you could always say that?

Like many of you I am passionate about the fitness. I have performed and competed for over 30 years in dance.  I have also completed several marathons, numerous half marathons, 10ks, 5ks and three triathlons. I have used every one of those experiences to enhance my teachings as a coach and instructor.  The
best part about all of these experiences is the fun I had in training with my friends. 

This weekend, Labor Day Weekend, wasn’t any different.  I set out to swim, bike and run the course
for a triathlon I will complete next weekend. I have never done it before and my BFF has. So, off we went to get a taste of the course. For starters, it was thundering and lightly raining as we approached the water. Change of plans, ride first. Out on the course, we sort of got lost. We knew where we were but it didn’t seem right according to the race instructions one of us had (not me
of course) written down from the race website. 
Forty miles later we made it back to the water. Dry skies, we plunged into the water but only after, we managed to squeeze our sweaty bodies into wet
suits like three sausage links, grab some replenishments to provide the energy needed for a swim and oh yeah, find the keys to the car of one of my friends.  She misplaced them! Um, they were on the roof of her car where she had racked up her bike; lots of laughs at
that point.

Across the way we reached our destination in the cool water (that God for the wet suits we managed to pinch ourselves into). We set yet one more goal in the water, what the hey…we’re already wet, and then decide to head up to the beach to make our fitness regime complete; the run. However, our tired, silly spontaneous selves decided to run in the water. Chasing each other back and forth for about twenty minutes, we laughed, were laughed at and had a blast. Mission accomplished; fitness, friends and fun all in one morning.  Now my labor of love this week will incorporate these experiences for yet more fitness, friends and fun in the classes I teach.




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