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I am super jealous of fitness professionals. Not only for their physique, of course, but for getting to do something that (I would hope) they love to do.  And, it's a helping profession too!

For me, I teach fitness classes as a part time activity--I have a full time job where I sit at a desk most of the day, and adding fitness teaching in is what sometimes can get me through a rough day...knowing that by day's end, I'll have a bunch of people to work out with, who have the same "let's kick butt" attitude.

But, back to my original thought when I started this post. I'm curious to hear from fitness professionals about your journey through life.  Was it always an intention to be a full time fitness professional, or were there other career paths that you meandered on before settling where you are now?  Do the pressures to "look" the part ever become overbearing? For me, I feel this and I'm merely teaching 2-3 classes a week (and trust me, I don't "look" the part of a fitness professional but this does give those who do "look" like me the courage to try the class since I don't look that intimidating).

As a fitness professional, what are your own personal training times, and what are your aspirations in terms of furthering your careers--competitive or otherwise?  Now working in a facility with full time fitness professionals it's a whole new experience, and as a psychologist, I'm always keen to learn about others' and their life choices.




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