For Instructors Spinning


I think the most beneficial part of the orientation day is the form ride section. It?s when the presenter reviews the individual movements, hand positions, cadence ranges, and resistance guidelines of the program. My favorite part of this lesson is the discussion of contraindicated movements. Most attendees are surprised to learn that we do not include the following in our program: push-ups on the handlebars, using our fingertips to demonstrate balance, holding the body motionless while standing, sitting in hand position #3, and sprinting with little (or no) resistance. As these discussions begin to end just prior to lunch, a person inevitably asks why so many instructors engage in these activities. My answer is always prefaced with a general disclaimer, but then I simply respond that these people have most likely not read the manual all the way through or attended an on-site continuing education class. I?m sure a percentage have done both and continue to ignore the guidelines because their students ?really like those movements,? but most have not taken the time to discuss and learn more effective, efficient, and safe techniques from a presenter team member.



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