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I told you last week! It has happened. The Giro has already been a drama that is becoming one of the best stories in cycling history! Less than a week in and we have had all the makings of what is sure to be one of the most epic races ever. Heck, I jammed home early today (after riding hard this morning) so I could check out today's stage. Whether or not if you are a cycling fan, you will fall in love with the unfolding story that is this year's Giro. The hosts on Universal Sports, Steve S. and Todd G. are cool. They get it. They have done a great job reporting and commentating. Not easy to delivery a couple of hours of bike race. But heck, this year's race has been so f'n nuts that a 5th grader would be going bonkers watching the event. Most importantly the race has seen a death of a rider. Very sad. I have blogged about death in this sport as I have witnessed first-hand how it brings us all (racers and fans) together. It unifies and humbly puts life into perspective. This tragic event has also put special meaning on the race. It seems like it has more depth. The stages so far have been fun to watch. Cavendish protesting Petacchi's win was classic. Cav gets the pink jersey yet in the interview he is pissed off that Alessandro came over on him in the sprint. A pink jersey for anyone would want them to do a few backflips. Not Cav. He just wants to throw his arms in the air with a V. Then we saw Millar pancake himself wearing yellow. That stage was nasty. Dirt roads! Dudes sliding into gravel. Cool. Very cool especially since I didn't have to race on that crap. If you have not tuned in yet (you can also get live feeds on the net too), get on it. Tell yourself you're only going to watch 15 minutes. Two hours later you'll be glued. Cycling is truly a sport of suffering, insanity, speed, drama and suspense. The Giro brings it all like no other race. Look for me next year on one of the climbs...I'm going!



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