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Go Fish

Want a power food? Go fish. I use fish in so many ways for my athletes and for those wanting to enhance their weight loss programs. Fish has gotten popular for a number of reasons. And choices of fish are all over the board. Not all fish are created equal! Some are better for you than others. The big positives for eating fish is that is a solid choice for protein and fat. Two of the most important (if not the most important) parts of performance and weight management. Cold water fish is especially beneficial. What are cold water fishies? Alaskan cod, halifbut and some salmon. Make sure your fish is wild, not farmed too. The fat in fish is a natural anti-inflammatory as witnessed by the spike in fish oil sales. Same goes here by the way - fish oil has to be in a very pure form from wild fish (I have my high-grade favorite). But even fish like scallops are good for you. They got a bad rap but that was by a lot of companies who sell non shellfish fish. Scallops are very high in protein and are versatile in how you can cook and prepare them. You can even go lobster, shrimp or crab to mix in some shellfish. The cholesterol issue in fish is way overblown. They are even finding out that the mercury levels in many fish are offset by the naturally-occuring chemicals in the fish. Fish is a good breakfast choice too! I eat it early morning before I ride. It's light, digestible and a light fish like cod, snapper, salmon or halibut is actually tasty. Lots of you don't like meat. Fish is a good bet. Its farily low in calories too. Preparation is quick. You can add tapenades, olive oils (adds to the good fat), nuts, veggies and spices to fish to make it unique. Its getting easier to find wild fish now and the variety is endlless. So, why not have fish tonight? Or for breakfast...or lunch...or a snack like I am doing right now!



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