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I was at an all day meeting the other week and at one point the subject came around to engagement and motivation of the work force.   The question was asked how to engage those who weren’t engaged and why some people were more motivated than others.  During the meeting they showed a talk by Angela Lee Duckworth entitled ‘The Key to Success – Grit?  In this talk Angela describes studies performed on students to try and determine why some students succeed, even though they may not have the highest IQ and why others who have high IQs are sometimes unsuccessful.  Angela attributed success to those students who had ‘Grit’.  Grit, she describes is a stick-to-itiveness, a passion, an unwillingness to give up.  Grit is having stamina and perseverance towards very long term goals.  While I listened to this talk it occurred to me that I see this phenomenon in fitness.  It is not always the best riders that achieve the goals but it is the ones that have stamina and perseverance.  In other words the participants that stick to it and achieve their goals have the ‘Grit’ factor.

 So can grit be learned or it is something that is inherent in some and not in others?   The answer is no one really knows as yet, but one study has found that when students educated on the long term goal how the brain grows as they learn their grit fact increases. 

With this in mind here are a few ideas that might up your participants ‘Grit’ factor:

  1. Create a plan for the next 6-12 weeks and share it with your participants.  Give them a goal to work towards.  They will be more likely to stick with it if they have and understand there is a specific goal to their training.
  2. Variety is the spice of life.  Mix up by modifying the frequency, intensity and time while still keeping the overall goal in mind.  Remember as you ‘mix it up’ to ensure you are balancing your training between work and rest.
  3. Educate participants on the long term benefits to the mind.  Coach the mind body connection that is one of the great differentiators of the Spinning program.  Students that are mindful are more engaged and motivated.



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