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Here Come the Rookies

January is here and that means many new faces in the Spinning studio. This is a good time to refresh your training on bike set up, the three hand positions, five riding positions and contraindications to those who are overweight, pregnant, injured or dealing with an underlying condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

As an instructor, you will have your hands full for the next several weeks with assisting all the new folks who come in the door. Consider giving your rookies permission to leave early if they are timid about taking class. That will often calm their fears and they will feel less self-conscious if they do need to exit early. Get off your bike and recheck set ups after the warm-up to ensure everyone is comfortable. Give clear cues about the benefits of the hand positions and what your riders should be feeling in their muscles.

There is so much information to relay that you must be careful not to overwhelm your new students either. Good cueing means you give a direction and then wait and let the riders try it out. Allow time for them to ingest what they need to do and how it feels to do it.

Lastly, let your rookies know they will probably be saddle sore, but if they come to 2-3 classes per week that will wear off and their fitness levels will gradually increase. Have fun with your new students, get to know their names and make it a challenge for yourself to retain as many of them as possible.




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