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Hidden Food Dangers

"What do you mean eating fruit, oatmeal and a glass of orange juice is not a good breakfast?" That's what my Special Forces client said. He was blown away. "It's a lot of sugar dude," I told him. Fruit = sugar. Oatmeal = complex yes, insulin-spiking YES! Orange Juice = mainlining sugar. That dreaded insulin spike can cause major issues, one of which is an energy lull. So, what did I chnage in his breakfast? Egg whites, 50% of the fruit he was consuming (switched to blueberries too) and a hearty spoonful of almond butter. Two weeks later he has not only leaned up (2 lbs lost) but just hit his 1RM on the deadlift! Yes, we switched a few other things like more protein, cut out breads and grains and limited dairy. Watch out for hidden food dangers. Don't be fooled. You know that commercial that says Cardboard No...(you know the rest). Well, they should really say sugar yes! Read your labels. Focus on getting high quality proteins in the morning and watch out for foods that cause insulin spike or that have no return on your food nutrient investment! Try almond butter instead of peanut butter. Go with avocados and nuts when you are hungry. Bottom line is you want to train your body to access fat efficiently. To lose fat, you need to eat fat! You also need to set the table for protein synthesis and maintaining an active metabolism is important. This happens with foods that are naturally available. So, as I sit here taking in a protein shake (from a grass-fed source) after I took my fish oil, I am getting ready to walk over to get a coffee which will be followed up by a monstrous spinach and kale salad with salmon. An apple may sneak its way in along with handfuls of almonds/walnuts. You can eat a fair amount of food and still get lean. Remember what I said several weeks ago...abs are made in the kitchen!



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