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Holiday Volunteering

I am happy to announce that we had the pleasure of once again volunteering with the Venice Boys & Girls Club. Unlike our last volunteer day that was at the beach, this time we were their headquarters in Venice. Their Venice location is a beautiful building just around the corner from our offices. Very convenient for the staff!


This was personally satisfying for me because I spent a good amount of time working with the Club staff to get this day set up!


This time around we broke up into 3 different stations.




Station 1: Volleyball with a huge beach ball!




Station 2: Frezzercise (like freeze dance but with exercises) and a shoe relay.


Station 3: Musical chairs and 1 fish, 2 fish.




I was involved in station 2, Freezercise and shoe relay. But I did get to see all of the stations because I was also playing photographer for the day! My other leaders of station 2 were Michele, VP of Operations; Tony, Director of Programs; and Ryan, Assistant Workshop Coordinator. The ages were about 6-13 and were divided by their age group. In station 2 we kicked off the day with the youngest kids. I was in charge of the ever important part of freezercise, the MUSIC! There were different exercises that were being lead and the kids had to freeze when I stopped the music. That turned into being a difficult task. No one wanted to freeze!


After the groups went to all of the stations, we ended with a big game of Dodgeball. Children vs. adults. Those children mean business when it comes to Dodgeball! We started with rules where you could enter back into the game and ended with the children winning. No surprise since they outnumbered us, but the adults put up a good fight!



It was a huge honor to get volunteer right before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is personally one of my favorite times of the year. It is a great time to look back on your year, and life for that matter, and reflect. In my personal life, I have had a year of ups and downs. Starting the Thanksgiving Holiday off with getting to play with these kids really filled my heart. They all had incredible spirits and fun, which made us have fun! I don’t know the stories behind each of these kids, but they sure seemed to enjoy themselves. They all had smiles on their faces and when we left, they thanked us and wished us a happy Thanksgiving. I can’t wait until our next volunteer day!


Michaela Morales

Social Media and Community Manager




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