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How do you draw them in?

I need help. So last week I blogged about letting go and finding my ?magic??and by this, I meant I was able to engage the class, be silly, and have them have fun during their workout. This time I tried?nothing. Nothing! As much as I tried to engage the class??How?s everyone doing? I?m so excited for this Madonna song! Let?s see your game face!??nothing! It was disheartening. I could feel myself feeling getting frustrated, and less and less enthusiastic. I knew, though, that I was the instructor and no matter what it?d be my job to continue to be silly and enthusiastic even if everyone else wasn?t going to be silly along with me. It was tough though. I could feel myself being isolated in having to put on a ?show? and it didn?t feel right. So, readers, I?m asking you what you do when you try to engage your class. What are things that I could try when I?m in this type of situation, when enthusiasm might be low (from the class)? I know that my job is to?no matter what?make sure that everyone gets a good workout. But admittedly, it?s really a challenge when you give and don?t get back?so readers, anything to share on how to draw everyone into the workout? -June



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