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HP #3 on Saturday

On the second day of the conference this year, I?ll be leading a workshop on hand position #3. We will not only discuss the movements that use this hand position but we?ll discuss appropriate transitions and creative ways to incorporate it into each class. The Spinning Instructor Manual tells us that the following symbols use hand position #3: Standing Climb, Jumps on a Hill, Sprints, and Sprints on a Flat. The workshop will begin with a review of these proper names and a discussion of the appropriate form each uses in a class. As we continue, we?ll look at how hand position #3 places the rider in a highly advantageous and powerful position for moving large amounts of resistance. We?ll explore the resistance loading capabilities of these movements and the high energy output that comes with them. Hand position #3 also has a place as an active recovery movement. When indoors, an instructor can have students lower their cadences and guide them toward a lowering of breath. This is especially helpful (and essential) after sprint efforts.




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