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Hungry? Wait.

Hunger is sneaky. Make sure you know if its really hunger. Its rare people overeat because they are hungry! Overeating happens because you can't wait. And if you think you are "all of a sudden" hungry, take a few minutes. Be careful. If you are having quick hunger spikes, watch out. It could be a number of things including hydration or an excess in carbohydrate consumption causing an insulin spike. And its rare that you will get tired because you didn't eat enough. In fact, if you are sluggish, eat smaller portions. Hydration can put your body into a chemical rollercoaster that will have you going after CHO. Stay hydrated and balance those electrolytes. But what if you are hungry? What kind of food will help you from tossing down too much or going into a food coma? Protein and fat. Yep, that's right. Not carbs. Go with a handful of almonds or some turkey bacon, avvocado, lean meat, olives or eggs. Eggs and avocado with some salsa will fill you up but also keep that energy level, well, level! Toss in spinach with those eggs and you have a complete meal that will keep you satisfied for awhile. One more key strategy. When in doubt, leave it out. Eat slow, move fast! Take the time to eat and allow your body to register the level of fueling you take in. Keep some emergency go-to's like nuts, some veggies, (clean) jerky or a small piece of fruit. Stay hydrated. And give yourself time....its good to wait...for your weight!



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