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It is always interesting to me that there are those individuals who come to Spinning class without a water bottle.  You figure, you're exercising, you're gonna sweat, so why aren't you drinking to replenish?

But then again, there are cardio workouts--not Spinning--that are designed to be "push play and go". In other words, for a sixty minute choreographed workout, the instructor pushes play on his/her iPod and doesn't stop for water breaks (or any breaks) until the workout is complete.  Thus, you've got some programs out there advocating (in a way) for no hydrating during a work out. And, I'm not sure what to make of it.

When I teach Spinning, I always have my water bottle handy--even if I don't want to drink, I do so because it's setting a good example for others to follow.  Regardless though, before I teach a class, I always make certain I've drunk 64 oz of water prior to teaching--so on those days when I teach "push play and go" programs, I remain well hydrated because I'm unable to stop.

My new supervisor recently brought up the importance of staying well hydrated, and mentioned specifically how much we lose body water wise when we just talk to others (ok, kinda gross to think that we spit when we talk to each other, but it's a reality so I'll get over it). When I teach Spinning and I see a student without a water bottle, I make sure to encourage students to take time off the bike if they need to grab some water, citing something that was taught to me in my training: "you should be drinking at least one ounce of water per one minute of class".  Unfortunately, it doesn't always hit home so I try with my second directive: "you burn your calories more efficiently if you are well hydrated". 

Any other thoughts, folks, on how you encourage your students to stay well hydrated for the ride?




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