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I hear it, but I don't get it.

When I hear BBC and CNN report on cricket I have to brace myself. It is always a very long report, compared to, say the American greats (baseball, basketball, football) and the more international golf and soccer don't get the same amount of time either. As I listen to the game recaps for the week, I realize that while I hear and understand each and every word that they are saying in the English language, I have NO concept of the game - don't get the rules or what's at stake, have no idea how the game is played and the chronology of action that leads to a win or a loss. hmmmm.... This got me thinking about Spinning® classes I have sat in on...and maybe, humbly, lead. I can really empathize with people who come in not knowing the fact in my early days, I would leave pretty miffed if the teacher was saying "hand position 3, out of the saddle at 85% we'll keep a cadence of 70" Woah. of course this is all just lingo to you and me, but imagine saying that to your, uh, aunt Sheila. As I've had occasion to work in a new gym in a new studio where I don't know anyone, it has been a fantastic exercise of peeling back the layers of the Spinning® onion (???) to get to the core plain English. It is a tough balancing act though, because using basic English can also come across as simplistic/simple and in some cases maybe condescending for those who can handle the technical lingo we have. So, not to drastically change anything, I thought I would pepper in a moment of awareness for those who sit in your class with a compliant smile on their face, but who might have a little voice in their head going "huh?"



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