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I love them for how crazy they are !

My fellow instructors are nuts. But, I would like you to all please lump me into that group as well, and know that when I say we are nuts I am saying this with a big huge grin and with love in my heart for the team. Why do I say this, you might wonder? I?ll tell you. Last week, our supervisor sent out an email to all of us, to ask who might be interested in teaching at a ?launch? event on Thursday night, from 9pm to 11pm. Within 2 hours (I honestly think it was actually less), we had all responded in the affirmative saying we were on board?mind you, this was merely gauging interest, but the enthusiasm was overwhelming. While I cannot explain what has qualitatively happened amongst this group of instructors to create such camaraderie and support, it is amazing to see the shared joy and passion?and to easily love such a fantastic group of people. Only one woman begged out?her wedding was going to be that day?and we forgave her though we know we will miss her at the event. To be a part of such a team is incredibly overwhelming and inspiring. Women and men who work as hard as they do in their real world jobs?from an executive assistant to doctoral students?yet still find time to carve out time each day to join one another in their classes for team teaching and who take the time out to practice with one another until form and technique is perfect. I feel blessed an honored to be a part of this group of folks, and am inspired each and every day by their AWESOMENESS. ?June



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