For Facility Managers Spinning

I'm going to lose my job over this!

Help, facility owners and about 48 hours I'm going to have stern talking to by a clueless manager who insists that I use a disco ball and strobe lights in the 6pm class. She'll say the owners want it. She'll say that the clients come to lose themselves in the dance atmosphere. She'll say that the other instructors use the lights. She'll say that they're part of the studio, like the air conditioning and mic and that I should use them. I asked another instructor and she said...."Yes, I have to use the ball." (it sends colorful lights spewing around the room) She said "I didn't like it at first - found it distracting and couldn't see the clients in the back, but I got used to it." Tell me...does one ever really get used to not seeing the clients in the back? Managers (and maybe instructors) I'm not asking you to help me get over this. I am willing to take a dive, because I just don't think I can concede on this one. I'm asking you if there are words that you could hear that would convince you to let me not use the mandatory glitter ball and disco color ball light thingy if I didn't want to. Oh, man....I don't want to say that I was fired from a gym, but I might just be fired on Friday.



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