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I'm not a cyclist. How to get better with my Spinning® classes ?

My story is a story of a person who was involved in many sports but nothing even remotely related to cycling. As a child I was playing tennis, volleyball, swimming but my favorites were always downhill skiing and basketball. Of course I knew how to ride a bicycle, but it wasn't my priority.

When I started with Spinning® didn't have any idea about technique, cadence or endurance training. Luckily thanks to my instructor i got more and more involved. Suddenly what seems to be only a bicycle ride became
something much deeper as the knowledge stood behind. Simple pedal stroke became a combination of connected, interfering key elements. The way heart is pumping the blood, efficiency of proper breathing,
amount of resistance you choose to work became no mystery. I was always curious of the way  things work and influence each other. How one action is followed by another creating one fluent motion.

That was the beginning of my cycling journey. Next I became a Spinning® instructor, surrounded with manuals, books, articles. So from complete cycling ignorant I became a conscious student, later a teacher.
As we all know there is no limit of absorbing knowledge if we are only willing to do so. Getting into Spinning® community without previous cycling background was an unique experience and quite a challenge. At the time
many of my friends had wider outdoor cycling experience.

Few months later ( keep in mind that i was already teaching regular Spinning® classes ) i bought a mountain bike and started cycling outdoors. I was very surprised after realizing that all we do in our cycling
studios, really comes from outdoor riding! Earlier that was only a theory and now I could understand, perform and explain what we do on a very different
level. After another few months I bought a road bike, and it was exactly the same. I have started another chapter of my experience which resulted in better
teaching and bringing real conditions 'under the roof'. It doesn't really matter if You are a basketball player or a runner. If you are seeking for knowledge and open to discover new educational paths, it doesn't matter how much experience with cycling you have.

You can be a good Spinning® instructor. It's always up to You!







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