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I wish I could just drink diet soda during my workout...and day?

hate drinking water. I don?t know if anyone else out there feels similarly; I know that both my brother and I hate drinking water. Not really sure why?maybe we drank too much juice and soda as children and thus, only acquired a taste for flavored drinks. Anyhow, before I began to exercise as much as I do now, I would only drink water when I was thirsty. Then, I liked water because I was, obviously, dehydrated. However, after starting to exercise and learning more about hydration I realized that if I were to wait until I was thirsty to drink water, but then it was already ?too late?. Sigh. And so, every day I force myself to drink water?even though I do not really want to, and even though sometimes I feel as if I?m drinking it and it?s just making me more and more bloated (such a lovely feeling). I?ve taken to adding some sorts of flavor packets into water on occasion, just to encourage drinking, but then try not to do it too often because of articles which say that artificial sweeteners will wind up making me want to eat more in the long run. Can?t win! I guess I could start trying to add a slice of lemon to my water, but I can?t fathom that it?d make it much better and induce me to drink more water. Sigh. Okay?off to try to finish my first bottle of water of the day?. -June



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