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If I wasn't born with charisma, what do I need to work on to engage?

Charisma. When I teach my leadership and motivation class, the question of nature versus nurture will often come up relative to charisma. Is it something we?re born with, or is it something we can acquire? More and more, I?ve come to align with those on the nature side of this discussion ? which twin studies confirm ? that charisma is an inborn trait and with the right environment, can come to full fruition. However, without the inborn trait, no amount of training can make one charismatic not matter how great the environment is. Anyhow, I align more with this school of thought because at a training this weekend, I took a class with an instructor who just had the ?IT? factor. So much charisma that he was able to draw out the crowd, and I think that no matter how much training I had?and even if I were to say the exact same words?would I ever have his special quality of engagement. So this does mean that I have to actually WORK harder at getting to know people, and figuring out what I as an instructor can offer those who come to my class. While it?s not about finding charisma per se (I?ll never be the diamond that sparkles in the room), it is about figuring out what I am good at and sharing that with those in my class. -June



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