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Here in Vermont we?re still snow-covered and down to single digits at night. Last weekend the roads dried up a bit, the sun came out, and the wheels hit the pot holes and frost heaves. I spoke with a seasoned rider who said he put his bike in his Subaru Outback and headed several hours south, randomly checked into a motel, and simply got out and rode on Saturday and again on Sunday returning to Vermont and the icky conditions (that?s a technical term!) renewed. The same man was also in my Spinning® class this week. But for how long? Those of you who have many more months of riding outdoors that we have also have much more experience with this situation. What happens? Do you even try to keep the classes going throughout the summer months? Do you reorganize your schedule to accommodate those who do not ride outdoors? My favorite class all week is my Saturday morning 90-minute ride. I anticipate that, not only will most of the participants choose to ride outdoors in the good weather, but so will I. I?m sure that class will take a break over our few summer months. But, what about the others? I?m sure our early morning before-work classes will be fine and perhaps even our noon classes, but what about evening? So, here?s the big question. Assuming that a combination of Spinning® classes AND outdoor cycling is beneficial to all involved, how can we make the indoor classes even more inviting as well as a good balance to the outdoors? We must, too, keep in mind that participants ride more than road bikes ? they ride cyclo-cross, hybrid, commuter and, of course, love our exciting trail network for mountain bikes. Perhaps this is a time of year to give a nod to our fitness community and plan classes with special attention to them. Weather conditions may drive outdoor riders back into the studio on random days, but it is difficult to plan ahead for that. Once again the depth of Spinning® training is the key to our classes, isn?t it? Training on a Spinner®, whether for the cyclist or for the fitness enthusiast, is deliberate, purposeful and a means to reach specific goals. Indoor training is more than simply preparing us to ride outdoors. Indoor training is an end to itself. As always, we must identify our intention and then ?ride? toward that resolution. Happy Spring! Blog posted by Linda Freeman for 3-24-2011.



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