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Inspiration Is All Around Us!


Inspiration Is All Around Us!

I just wanted to say something about the last post from Mad Dogg Headquarters and Jenifer Walsh.  I read the post three times because I just could not believe her story! Wow! I have several friends with MS and I was just so blown away by Jenifer’s strength and courage to get up to the Instructor bike and lead a class!  We all know it takes a lot of guts and grit to lead a class, but also the physical strength and cardiovascular fitness to do it well. YOU ARE AWESOME JENIFER WALSH!!     

What was really very interesting was that fact that Jenifer’s story was posted the same week Diana
Nyad completed her historic and amazing swim from Cuba to the USA!  And at the age of 64! Another example of mind over body and how the human spirit is so much stronger than perhaps many of us may realize. My father always told me when things get tough, the tough get going!  I think this is what he was talking about.

Things happen in threes.  So now I sit and wait for a
third story of human strength and courage to show up in the news.  What other mind blowing obstacle will appear
before another average human being and what internal superman like powers will appear and overcome whatever is put before her.  We are an amazing species, many times appearing small and fragile, but deep within us all lies a kryptonite like power that is just waiting to be tested!  

 We now sit on the eve of 911, and stories of past heroes will be told again.  Men and women with super human powers that survived and rescued.  Let us all never forget the iconic stories of the human spirit from that terrible day.

 Thank you Jenifer Walsh, thank you Diana Nyad
for showing us your super human powers! I am inspired, empowered and uplifted by your stories.  Next time the universe throws an obstacle in my path I will think of you and pull myself up from my boot strings and get
going!  Thank you!  All the best!





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