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Inspire or Be Inspired ?


As a Spinning® instructor it is our job to motivate, educate and uplift our riders every class; to train better, smarter, harder and do whatever it takes to make them happier and healthier. It is our role to assist them to become fitter versions of themselves and we love it.

We choose music, plan profiles, assign heart rate parameters all with the success and enjoyment of our participants as our primary focus. There is an expectation placed on the instructor from others and that of which we place on ourselves, that we are the guiding light to fitness nirvana. It is our job to inspire and lead. Mostly this is what occurs.

But what happens though if the light goes out?

There will come a day, for whatever reason that each of us will experience a flat spot. A lull, a blah day where we are lacking the buzz in our brain to feel as though we could have anything valuable to give. I am here to reassure you that we would not be human if it didn’t happen and I’m here to affirm - it is okay.

I absolutely love teaching. I have done it now longer than I have done anything consistently in my life. No man is yet to stand the test of time like my love for the Spinning® program and my classes have. I love my riders and my love for the program and the pleasure it has given me is like a second child. So it is not for a lack of love and adoration for what I do – but just some days I can feel a little grey instead of bright yellow.

So what does one do when the supposed beacon of hope and inspiration is waning? You just need to give it a little fuel.

The other day I had one those moments. I was tired. I’d had a full weekend of training, an early morning swim session and a long day at work. I arrived to my double class staring at my playlists and profile and thought:

“What can I possibly say to inspire them when I can barely inspire myself?”

But as all veteran performers, I took to the stage and put on a happy face. I hoped that the rhythm of my first track, the purr of the flywheel and that beautiful tangible energy that builds in the room thereafter would guide me to enlightenment to support my group.

It was at the later stages of the warm up that I looked around at a group of people that were riding in front of me; eyes down, focused and with the most wonderful directed intention. I asked them to spend a few moments to set their personal purpose for the ride.

It was during this exact pause, this moment of quiet emptiness that was so amazingly full and beautiful. It was as if I could hear all their thoughts, wishes and desires inside their heads. As if I could feel their intention.

Ironically rather than me inspiring them with my words, they were inspiring me with their silent commitment to their training. This in turn created in me a tremendous feeling of joy.

Alleluia - that was all I needed to find the light!

One of the reasons we love to teach is the wonderful feeling of privilege and the sense of honour to lead a group to their goals. Somewhere in the middle of my blahness and fear that I had nothing to give them, I had forgotten this. But with the grace of tranquillity and trust, as I looked at my class, the gratitude washed over me like a strong and forcefully refreshing wave of clarity.

I thanked them for their energy and explained to them how magical it is for an instructor to sit at the front of a group that is fully present and willing. Especially when you can feel their collective energy of oneness and real intent behind their presence. They give back to us every time. They are the inspiring ones.

So in times of doubt I say do not despair. If you do not instantly feel you have the message or the words, just look at your class. They are the product of the hours of yours and others teaching. They have everything you need to access to continue them along their path of success.

Listen to you highest voice and you can never go wrong. Do not over burden yourself with having the best words every time because inspiration flows through us and around us. It is not always ours to give, but at times it is there to receive and then pay it forward. Rather than be fearful of failure, give thanks for the blessing to be inspired rather than do the inspiring. 

I believe when we surrender to receive, then we are much better available to give. A little like love I suppose.  



Spreading the word of health, harmony and happiness one ride at a time.






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