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Is Indoor Cycling Good for Seniors

The older we get, the more important it is for us to stay active. Unfortunately, that also becomes harder with age.  Muscle and joint pains lure us into being less physically active, which makes us more prone to injury and the aging process. It’s a vicious cycle. But we here at Spinning® would like to offer a solution to that problem: our world renowned indoor cycling classes for seniors.


For starters, cycling is much easier on the joints than many other cardio options.  Any sport that requires running, for instance, will expose your body to a great deal of shock impact.  Stationary bikes, such as those designed by Spinning®, are so joint-friendly that they are regularly used in knee and ACL rehab programs.  They allow you to train your muscles against various resistance levels without compromising joint stability. This is especially important for an aging body.


Another positive aspect of indoor cycling is that it eliminates any concerns with balance issues.  Many seniors notice a significant loss in balance as they age. This would undoubtedly lead to some reservation in regard to riding bicycles, despite the obvious benefits.  The last thing you want to do during any exercise routine is cause yourself serious injury. And being unsteady on a bicycle could certainly lead to physical trauma. Spinning® conveniently removes that element of risk without compromising the potential for cardiovascular and muscular gains. You can push yourself to your absolute physical limits without any worry of losing control of your balance or your bike.


Stationary bikes also make foul weather and road hazards irrelevant. No blizzard, thunderstorm or blistering heat wave can hinder your climate controlled Spinning® session. Indoor cycling also allows you to be free from concerns such as smog inhalation, negligent motorists, narrow road shoulders, and bike malfunctions (flat tires, loose chains, etc...) It’s good to get outdoors and exercise whenever possible, but it’s also important to keep from putting yourself at unnecessary risk, especially at an age when each fall is a little harder to get up from than the last.


The ability to choose your own resistance also makes Spinning® an ideal fitness class for seniors. On a mobile bicycle, your resistance level is largely dependent on your surrounding landscape. There might be more inclines in your area than you are prepared to handle, or there might not be enough. With a stationary bike, you will experience no such setbacks. Each Spinner® bike comes with its own resistance knob. This allows the rider to raise or lower the workout intensity on the fly according to his or her own physical restraints and/or fitness goals.


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to stop the aging process. But don’t let that convince you that your days of activity are past. Come and enjoy a safe and exhilarating workout experience at the Spinning® class nearest to you!

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