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Is your attitude making you unwell?

Take a brief journey with me. Imagine you get out of bed one morning and stub your toe. While trying to make your tea or coffee, you splash yourself and spill water all over the worktop. Then you trip on your dog's toy and spill your morning brew on you and the floor and have to clean it up. Then you notice the top you're wearing is stained.

How do you react? Do you decide "Well, now I know the whole day is going to be a mess"?

Or do you grumble, clean up the messes, and decide "Now the mishaps are over for today so it's all downhill from here," and just go on with life feeling it's no big deal?

Whether you consider this chain of events to be prophetic of a rotten day or all part of life's challenges, you are correct. Your attitude will determine how you shape the rest of your day.

Attitude is powerful. It can help us shape our lives into something wonderful if we so choose, or it can help us live up to our feelings of inadequacy. We can have the greatest body ever known, eat the best possible food, have good family relations, and have lots of other healthy pieces in place, but our attitude about life will demonstrate how well we truly are.

If you want to have wellness – a healthy, balanced life – the best place to start is attitude. Let your attitude be the compass you carry with you and check frequently to make sure you are on the right path.

The journey to wellness has many challenges, surprises, twists and turns. A bad attitude will leave you wandering in circles, never truly being well. A healthy attitude will guide you as you strive to make good lifestyle choices, learn, grow, and successfully travel your path through life.

Yours in sport,

Michelle Colvin

International Spinning® Master Instructor (UK)




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