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just because you CAN

In every class I teach I see so many enthusiast participants. They are so eager  to ride the bike in a correct way, use their heart rate monitor effectively and to share their energy with me as an instructor. I really love to see and feel this in the group.


But then on the other side when I ask such a person as described above how they would like it to become a Spinning® instructor I see the fear in their eyes. And not only in the classes I teach, also in the Spinning® instructor trainings the participants can be very insecure about becoming an instructor.


Perhaps it is the time of year that I feel the need to do this.. you know.. goal setting, good intensions and so on… but I really would like to take some time now to encourage those specific participants to take the step to the next level and become a Spinning® instructor and start teaching!


I am convinced that a lot of you enthusiast have been thinking at least once in a class: man, I would like to create a ride myself, and perhaps even teach it..

Unfortunately the next thought often is: but that is just a dream… I cannot do that.

And that is so NOT true.. just because you CAN!


Just go ahead and make that decision. 2014 will be your year! The year you will take the Spinning® Instructor Training and the year you will teach your first Spinning® class!


I have mentioned it before that your current Spinning® instructor will be there to guide you along your way.. and if that is somehow not possible, know that there are more than 200 000 certified instructors worldwide who are willing to help you when you are facing any difficulties. Thereby there around 200 Spinning® Master Instructors who can assist you. In the Spinning® family you are never alone.


I can tell you that I am still so happy that I made the decision about 15 years ago.. I have been teaching many things on the way, but Spinning® is the one I still teach with passion, from the heart. Every time I sit on that bike and look at the participants in front of me I feel blessed and grateful to be able to do what I love, because I love what I do.


Keep riding..start teaching.



note: in the picture my latest group of wonderful Spinning® instructors!




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