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Just dragging my feet?

99.9% of the time, I love teaching Spinning and fitness classes. I love knowing that there will be a group of folks waiting for a good workout, and I know that their energy is going to be amazing and keep me going through an intense class. In essence, I?m relying on them to keep the workout moving along; I?m merely the coach at the front of the room. It?s not always fun and games though. On occasion there is that 0.1% [of the time] when I am just not feeling the vibe. It doesn?t happen often, but it does happen on an occasion or two (so my percentages might not be the most accurate, ha!). On those days, I?m dragging. I might not be the best that I can be. I might not be feeling super chatty, or want to engage in a while bunch of eye contact with folks, even though I know this is my responsibility. I might do it begrudgingly, and I know it?s not making me a better instructor. While I do not want to assume everyone out there might feel this way sometimes, I?m guessing there are a few of you out there who do. On those days, what do you say or do that will help motivate you to get more energized? -June



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