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Just letting go and having fun!

I found my magic last night. I wasn?t sure I?d get there and I wasn?t sure what I was going to say or do to find it, but I realized this is what I have to do to find it: just let go and have fun. Growing up introverted and with low self-esteem, I?ve turned into a very cautious adult?one who doesn?t really ?let go? and just go crazy because I?m worried what people will think, what they?ll laugh at when I mess up, and a host of other things that any insecure person might think. But last night, we were launching a new fitness class and I was the first instructor to lead the class. As part of a three person team, it really was then up to me to set the tone?if I was boring, if I was not engaging, then this staid, dull tone would be set for the class and it would be me to blame. So?much more so than feeling embarrassed, I hate to let people down. So, I knew that I just had to step up to the plate and be an ?actor??this was a showcase, after all, for a new fitness class. And, I have to say I brought it?I let go, I had FUN, and I didn?t care what people were thinking so long as they were all having a good time. I listened to the lyrics of the song, I asked them to sing along, I cheered. And rather than be the ?dominatrix? scary instructor that I?m known to be, I adopted the fun personality and felt?kinda comfortable with it for that class format. If I?d stopped to think about how ridiculous I might have sounded, or ruminated about what to say and when, I might not have been as engaging. By letting go, though, I found my magic. Yay! -June



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