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Keep Your Resolution


The New Year is upon us and the gym is packed, classes are full and almost everyone has a resolution to improve their fitness or drop that excess weight.  Come February, the exodus from the gym has started as if fleeing the plague.  In our “quick fix” world we live in, most people that have made a resolution have probably lost confidence in their ability to achieve their expectations.  Here is where we as coaches come in to help them along.


I once read that it takes four weeks for your friends to notice a change in your physique, eight weeks for your family to realize you have lost weight and 12 weeks to make that change a habit.  However, most people give up on their resolution before they even notice the positive changes they have started.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the progress you expected immediately


Just because the scale doesn’t show a lower number than when your started your exercise routine doesn’t mean that you haven’t started to reap the benefits of your commitment to the getting in shape.  You are improving your overall health by getting active.  Some adaptations your body makes, such as lower cholesterol, can only be proven through a blood test.  But those changes have started and are making you healthier than before you started.


The scale is just one number in your fitness journey.  However, it does not tell you how your body has changed serologically or in its fat to lean mass composition.  Keep up the effort and you’ll see the inches drop off.  Besides, you’re working out because you love your body, not because you hate it.




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