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Keeping Weights Off of the Bike

The latest rage in group exercise seems to focus around a total body workout.  Many participants want to cram as many calorie burning exercises that target every muscle in their body into a single class session. As a result, many programs are incorporating strength training with cardiovascular conditioning, often on the same piece of equipment.  However, in the Spinning® program, we keep the weight training off of the bike.


Combining weight training exercises while riding the Spinner® increases the risk of injury and damage to the equipment and studio itself.  Whenever attention is pulled away from pedaling by incorporating weighted equipment or resistance tubing/bands, the risk of injury to our participants increase.  If you recall in your Spinning Instructor Training, we talk about these risks.  Removing your hands from the handle bars and attempting to do weight training on the bike creates an unstable platform where the participant cannot stabilize their body to get the best possible benefit from the strength training.  In addition, pedal stroke suffers and becomes inefficient.  The benefits from both strength training and cardiovascular training are both reduced so a participant will not train effectively in either discipline.


If you want to include strength training in your program, consider offering a SPIN Flex class.  In this class, a portion of your time is spent on the bike where the focus is on cardiovascular training and proper form while riding the bike.  Take your students off the bike and then incorporate strength training while on a stable platform.  Be creative, yet safe by keeping the strength training off of the bike so your students will reap the full benefits of both disciplines.  




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