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Kids and Spinning® computers

I want to stand strong on the point that kids, who are able to fit on the bike (roughly from age 12 up) can and should be able to do Spinning® and using the Spinning® computer which displays cadence (rpm) and time and distance as well as heart rate, if a chest strap is provided, provides an amazing, maybe unmatched, opportunity to draw kids into fitness where sports might otherwise leave them behind. I understand that the US is mired in legality in the protection of children, but honestly, kids are taught to horse ride, surf and rock climb in groups and the inherent dangers are much greater with these activities than with Spinning®. On top of that, the dangers of being sedentary and channeled into a lifestyle of only homework deadlines and social food gatherings has known risks, so I, for one, am not reluctant at all, when the high school calls me up to supplement a PE class. Here I have a captive audience and a perfect opportunity to help kids realize that exercise, even intense exercise, is possible, within their grasp and every bit as important as getting their school work done, brushing their teeth and being kind. With the monitors on the bikes, I feel the kids are able to really focus on some key parameters in spinning mainly because to ask a 14 year old to go to their happy place isn't really relevant to them. But through the wonders of x-box and beyond, they surely know about a sense of feeling urgent and "re-grouping" and things like that, and we can help them put some numbers to their effort. I am very interested in pooling ideas for games that kids 12 years + could do on the bike in pursuit of fitness gains while still being aligned with Spinning®. If you happen to use these monitors and have more experience that what Spinning® has already published, I would love to hear from you. I will share a few things back with what I have come up with. I am not afraid to be pushy in advocating for our kids, since I believe we can safety them to death. I've learned so much from the kids who come back to me through this p.e. program that I feel I want to share it out so you to, if your facility and the parent community also sees the benefits, can bring fitness via Spinning® to our youth to help combat the growing obesity problem. When kids are empowered and feel strong, they are better at all things, not just sports. please let me hear from you - if you have some experience you would like to share.... cori



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