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Ladder Interval Course Design

We all teach intervals and there are a number of methods, but I find the ladder approach a lot of fun and a way to ease into longer work periods whether you are teaching aerobic or anaerobic sessions. The first part is to line up your songs from shortest to longest in length. You can do your typical 7-10 minute warm-up and then plot out the cardio portion of the class by the length of each song. It will give you an opportunity to use some of those shorter 90 second to 2:00 movie themes as well as some longer classic rock songs from the 70's that tended to be 7:00 or 8:00 long. Here is a class plan format for Aerobic and Anaerobic Intervals. Intervals I, II, III, and IV are for aerobic intensity of 75-80% of HRM while the others are for anaerobic intensity of 85-92% of HRM. w-up: 7:00-10:00, Interval I: work 3:00, recover 30 seconds, Interval II: work 4:00, recover 45 seconds, Interval III: work 5:00, recover 1:00, Interval IV: 6:00 work, recover 1:00 = 21:15 of aerobic work Interval V: work 1:00, recover 1:00, Interval VI: work 2:00, recover 2:00, Interval VII: work 3:00, recover 3:00 = 12:00 of anaerobic work Cooldown: 5:00 W-up and cool-down time = 12:00-15:00 Total cardio work time = 33:15 Total class time = 45:15 to 48:15 The times are just suggested and what it comes down to, as you already know, is the length of the songs you choose. I provided the general guidelines that the Spinning® program recommends for intervals on the bike. Enjoy!



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