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Language use is such an important topic in my classroom. All of the children (in here) have a language delay. Some of them can?t get the words out while others get them out but can?t be understood because their articulation is so poor. My aide and I are constantly assisting the students with word use, pronunciation, and spontaneous social language. The language used by instructors is also extremely important. Students have to understand the words spoken in order to benefit from them. I always encourage instructors to use direct, obvious words like: stand, sit, add, push, etc. My opinion is that students prefer to hear and connect with music more than our voices. They need us for verbal guidance. They want to know what they?re doing and will happen over the next few minutes, but otherwise, they want to experience the intensity and passion of the music we?ve selected. A good instructor is an important part of the environment; they are not the primary focus of the room. We are in front to demonstrate proper form, assess efficiency, guide safety, and motivate the participants through the profile we?ve designed by offering verbal prompts. Excessive language and vague phrases (this hill is a level 5, add 20%, kick it up a notch) only disrupt the environment because of their potential to cause participant confusion and/or frustration.



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