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Last week is here, I'm worried did my foot just slip off the gas pedal?

I've just begun my last week on the Spinning 8WWL Program and I'm worried. I feel a slight background temptation to take my foot off the gas. This is an old habit of mine that creeps back into my life from time to time. It's a mind set that has to be dealt with and eradicated once and for all. The phenomenon of seeing the finish line right in front of us and choosing to let up instead of picking up the pace and sprinting through, is not uncommon. As a chubby kid I got used to not winning the race or being picked first when kids form teams. With out getting into too much of a psycho-analysis I think this attitude carried through with me into adulthood. Bob Harper my trainer on Biggest Loser first recognized my defeatist behavior while I was on set. After losing almost 100 lbs from my 407 starting weight I was able to run again for the first time in probably a decade. He and I would run together, and I can remember we would see that tree or driveway in the distance that we designated as the finish line of grueling run as we got closer I'd slow down. He called me out on it...."why are you slowing down?, NO! run through it!" Since then I've recognized this behavior and I'm grateful that it has been pointed out, because I know it would have continued. And really if I reflect back, as much as I hate to admit it when I first became a contestant on BL I was Ironically hoping to get voted out in like week 2 or 3, I never even dreamed of winning the show. That said here we are 1 week left and Memorial Day Weekend is approaching. With out planning on it I could easily slip up, lots of temptations with BBQs and beach parties etc. With the temptation there and the feeling of I've been working hard and deserve a reward to party for just a bit, is the same as letting up before breaking that finish tape. Being aware is key here and I know myself good or bad recognizing this beforehand allows me to be actionable. I've arranged to still go to the beach but in a family setting to watch an airshow with my family. I can still have fun with out cheeseburgers and beer, I'll have them once in a while just not this weekend! I've also looked at the class schedule for the holiday weekend and picked my Spinning classes before hand as opposed to picking that day, my plan is in place...bring it! Old habits will lose another battle! I think with this win I'm closer then ever to snuffing them out for good. I will finish my 8 weeks strong and kick it into high gear for this last crucial week and my reward will be WSSC in Miami......I'm psyched!!! Can't wait to share my final weight loss results in next weeks blog!



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