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MUSIC What kind of music? Where to get music? Have to choose the right song for the right part of class, right techniques? Do I put profile first and add music or music first than.

A big role in Spinning® class is having the right music to inspire and energize the audience. Instructor gets some information at Spinning® training but then the fun starts.The music must be a tool, not an entairtement or distraction.  

Of course you have to know:Who is coming to your class? Are there seniors in group, teenagers, home staying mums…? The more you know a member easier is to choose than the right song. As questions so that you will know them and what they like to listen.

What kind of genre will you pick? Here my advice is to mix different genres in class. Uhh have you ever participated in a Spinning® class where instructor the whole class plays one genre or even one author? Mix genres so that you will touch different tastes and explore genres. We all have prefer genre that we like, enjoy and it is have we call it “music for our soul”. But honestly the class is not for you but for members so it needs to be for their souls. And if you do not like some genres listen to it and with hours you will like it. It is practice. I am generation of house and techno, and yes I like this kind of music but my members like rock, pop, jazz, and even classic. So I had to listen and get in love in other genres to be able to build a class that inspires them. 

What kind of profile you teach in which energy zone? It is different if you teach Recovery EZ or Interval EZ. Music must be a tool to help us reach the specific training tools riding in specific energy zone. Using wrong music will impact on have the ride is felt and effectives of the ride. Will you use instrumental music or vocal songs? I like to combine both, but when you use vocal be careful when you speak, what message the song has. Music touches our emotions. It should not be abused and neglected as it is a beautiful part of Spinning® rides, but you have to explore it like Energy Zones, like different profiles.  I know it takes a lot of time to choose the right song for a ride and many time instructors go and take short cuts and put popular music, music from charts and do not explore what is available in the world. We are “bombed” with popular music thru all day.

When you shop, drive to job, wash your clothes, sit in buss – we listen to popular music all day, and then you come to Spinning® class and here goes again. Spinning® is different has more variety but you need to use these tools and explore it. If you do not get time to listen and try you will get stuck with popular music and at the end you member will get bored with it.

There is a beautiful music available, different authors that you can use and make Spinning® ride an unforgettable experience for each single member.  

I never use somebody else cd. I do use maybe song or 2 but never go short cut and take whole cd. Why? Because it does not feel like me? If I do not feel music- song I cannot perform like I want. So yes sometimes it takes 5 min. another time 45 hours. 

Where look for ideas? For sure the first is  Weekly playlist available for couple years back where you can find ideas.

On Facebook- you have groups where you can find different authors, songs that you can use. 

Here is link for music genres and examples:

My advice is explore and tray. You will never know have it feels if you only play the safe way. And for the end you know what Johnny G. said about music. The best motivational songs to use in Spinning® class is the one where you can do all techniques on it. 

So do not be bored Spinning® instructor who is afraid of challenges and new experience. I promise the right music has a profound effect on have class will feel.  






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