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Looking Back to Look Ahead

Continued from last week....

I remember walking into the gym where the workshop was taking place. I only had a change of clothes, bottle of water and a packed lunch. Immediately I noticed people wearing cycling gear, snacking on uber-healthy energy foods and chatting away to each other. What did I sign up for? I was feeling really uncomfortable as I sat through the training and I remember finding it rather unexciting. My mind was just not where my body was. The MI was super attentive to each of us and gave a great orientation session. There was so much information and I was overwhelmed at the end of the day. Bike fit, body mechanics, cueing, music, profile design, heart rate and cadence parameters…. Wow, there was so much information to plug into. I successfully completed the workshop and headed home to start team teaching a few short days later.

I can’t remember many details of teaching with other instructors, but I do remember attending others’ classes to get some ideas and perspective now that I had guidelines to use. These classes were packed, members loved the instructor and there seemed to be a sense of energy throughout the 60 minutes. Music was straight off the radio or club dance floor and after warming up, our heart rates did not drop until the cool down. Something was happening and I was getting fitter because I could endure the entire class without feeling like death. I was ready to start teaching. And then it happened. The GFM, who always packed the class, asked me to fill in for her the following week at 5am. I agreed after the voice in my head told me otherwise. Time to jump in, right?  The night before was the most stressful and nerve-wracking night and my poor husband was left to his own devices for dinner as I holed up in the office laying out the ride and music maps. It took hours to finish preparing and I was extremely nervous. I wrote down every song and every movement down to the minute! Choruses and verses varied, and each song meant different group of movements. I had a stack of index cards ready to go.

The next morning, I got up stupid early and drove to the gym. I recognized many of the regulars and smiled as I set up my bike, music, mic, and told them I would be subbing that morning.  Sitting on the bike with the lights low, I suddenly felt paralyzing nervousness.  Somehow I made it through the hour, and relaxed about halfway into the ride, but left feeling marginally good about my performance. Feedback streamed in slowly over the next few days via the instructor and little of it was positive.  Subbing for the veteran instructors who have diehard followers is no easy feat! Days and weeks passed as I slowly grew more comfortable but program design was still very time consuming. Top 10 Billboard songs filled my playlists and as I expanded my music library, I added some favorites from the 90’s and early 2000’s. It became easier over time to put together playlists and profiles but I was not feeling as though I hit my groove yet.  About two years passed and I was teaching in a regular timeslot, had a few followers, and was generally happy but still didn’t feel like I was doing my best. Fitness conventions were in full swing that year and I had an offer to attend IDEA World for a discounted rate with a friend and I could not pass up the opportunity. What happened there marked the beginning of the next chapter for me, as the workshops ignited the true passion that was buried inside all along……

To be continued next week...




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