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Looking Back To Look Ahead- Part III

What happened there marked the beginning of the next chapter for me, as the workshops ignited the true passion that was buried inside all along.


.......Continued from last week.....

I spent an amazing weekend in Los Angeles in August 2010 at IDEA World, focusing on personal training and group fitness class development along with a couple of Spinning® workshops.  This was the first convention where I felt seriously ready to learn. What I didn’t realize was how much my journey would unfold after the weekend was over.  I stood in line outside the Spin room with a variety of people. Most of them were dressed in cycling gear, holding cleats and water bottles. They looked like serious riders. I donned regular workout clothes and cross training shoes. We were all waiting for Josh Taylor’s “Technical Training” workshop. I had heard of him and knew he was a guru in the industry but was new to his classes. I remember almost feeling star struck as I walked in and saw him at the front of the room with a welcoming demeanor. “How did I get here in a room with such a storied professional?” I thought, feeling very intimidated! Quickly, I chose a bike in the middle of the room and set myself up, taking in all that was happening around me.

He opened the workshop with some easy dialogue and background about his professional life. We began to pedal and find a rhythm as he outlined the workshop goals. The rest of the hour was full of technical information about how to effectively pedal, correct riding posture and a plethora of other information useful in every class. At the close of the session, my head swirled as I had questions to ask but was too nervous to put myself out there. The floodgates were opened and the rest of the weekend was spent analyzing that workshop. This was the kind of style I related to easily!

The closing day of the conference arrived and I attended my final Spinning® workshop which sampled all of the the Energy Zones. Scott Schlesinger was the instructor. He presented an amazing ride and education on four of the Energy Zones. As an instructor trying to find my way, this workshop was key because it very succinctly covered in a live setting what the manual taught in its pages.  After class, I had the nerve to go up and ask him for help with my shoe and clip fittings because I was feeling pain.  Josh came in at that time and was helping as well. They were extremely knowledgeable. I thanked them and went on my way, feeling ridiculously motivated to improve myself and be a better instructor. As I sat in the airport later that day for my cross country flight home, I met some other people who were at the conference and they were buzzing as well. The wheels were in motion!

Days then months passed and as expected, memories and emotions of that weekend slowly faded from my memory, but I still held onto what I learned in that technical class. That knowledge fueled me to attend more workshops and I began to ask questions of those above me. My gym manager was awesome and approved my request to schedule two Masters Rides over the next year for all members PLUS instructors, who were highly encouraged to attend and reignite their love for this mode of fitness.

It’s been a few years since my first day on the bike and I never dreamed I would be where I am right now. I am more than grateful to every person who came across my path because they contributed immensely to the type of instructor I am this very day and my Spinning® family has multiplied exponentially. I encourage all of you to look back at your own stories. Realize how far you have come since day one and who was involved in your growth. Maybe they need to be made aware of the impact they had on you, if for no other reason than to know they have made a difference!




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