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Love Songs

This morning?s class was all about Love Songs ? after all, it?s February 14th and you know what that means. The class was scheduled to be in the Endurance Energy Zone ? a zone that sometimes elicits some ?ughs.? Not this morning! After going through all the usual introductions, cautions, etc., I announced that sometimes we ride just for the pleasure of riding. Today our training would be in the EEZ and the task of each participant was to play with the two variables: resistance and cadence; but, maintain a relatively constant intensity of 65-75% mhr - staying aerobic. After reminding them that in Spinning® training we adapt to the spirit of the music rather than bang it out beat by beat, I gave them the freedom to find the ?heart? of each song for themselves. That?s not to say that I just turned on my iPod and let them have at it. We worked the resistance knob, we worked a cadence ladder and several cadence drills, we worked on pedal stroke technique and focused on good form ? you know, all the good stuff. But our familiar training was woven into the fabric of a Valentine?s Day ride based on an eclectic collection of love songs. And, it was fun! Each time one song ended I could see them perk up their ears to see what would pop up next. Then I?d see smiles, a little head bobbing for a few seconds or a look of confusion (usually depending on the age of the participant who might not recognize some of the songs from my generation?.) Let me tell you, I had such a good time creating this play list! I avoided the obvious and the soulful, sappy songs that I love. I stepped back from anything Top 40s or from my deep reservoir of Spinning®-specific music. Instead I enlisted the surprise factor. I called on Rod Steward, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Bill Withers, Mary Chapin Carpenter and, of course, Sarah McLaughlin. I hit some movie soundtracks: Mamma Mia, Tin Cup, Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and, my personal favorite, Once. I dug into Phil Collins newly released cd ?Going Back? for a few quick oldies. Did I mention eclectic? Borderline tacky ? but fun. I did not hear one ?ugh? nor did anyone complain that we were doing yet another EEZ training ride. We sweated, we ?endured?, we worked, and we sang. And now we?re ready to enjoy the rest of Valentine?s Day. I couldn?t resist indulging in a few sentimental thoughts and suggested that, while it is easy to celebrate the day with those we love, we should also remember our casual friends ? you know, those Spinning® buddies who get up early and join us for class before daylight? HAPPY VALENTINE?S DAY TO ALL OF YOU ? today and beyond. Blog posted by Linda Freeman for 2-14-2011.



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