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Loving it, anyway. about processing! it has been 2.5 weeks since I badly sprained (sprained badly?) my right ankle. I am blown away by the emotions I've had over this - shock at what real pain feels like. . . not like "pain" in a training session, I'm talking pain that makes you see purple, makes you feel sick and maybe makes you cry. I have skirted wth disbelief, anger, depression. I've had moments of humor and great fatigue while I concentrate on healing. I am certainly confused - with some saying - total immobilization others saying get it going, don't let it freeze up or atrophy. But my favorite advice just came in about 20 minutes ago. This new friend of mine said that "patience is not enough. . . love your injury." She had broken her hand last year and was just plain old pissed off about it until a yoga instructor (blessed are the yoga instructors....) told her to stop festering in anger and start to nurture your injury. I began swimming at 2 weeks into this injury adventure of mine. I put a floaty thingy between my knees and do my freestyle sans lets. wow! so great to get a hot red face in the pool and to feel stiff shoulders and know that my heart beat. How great it is to have alternatives because I don't think I'll even have a shoe on for another two weeks. I am focused on my eating because sooooo much is my activity limited now, but not just in calorie content. I figure I got some healing to do, I have to start from the inside out with great representatives of all the major nutrients (proteins, carbs and fats). (besides, honestly, I can't be bothered going to the kitchen downstairs to snack, nor can I carry much - I'm stuck . . .) I am off the pain meds so I can work within the signals of my body. To the best of my ability I normalize what I can - lifting tall through my body as I walk, minimizing my limp.... I didn't ask for this - it caught me totally off guard as most accidents do. I couldn't have envisioned this in any way shape or form. . . but as I go through the process of healing I am so glad it wasn't worse and am happy for the opportunity to be truly empathetic with others who might some day walk this path (or limp it.) For that, alone, I am loving this injury, fascinated and compassionate with my ankle . . . and excited for the opportunity to heal and get those spinning shoes back on. If you have some injury experiences to share . . . or rather healing stories to share . . . I could use the company.... @_@



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