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Mapping Your Profiles

At WSSC, I taught a session based on building a profile using a stage of the Tour de France. We built one as a class and then rode to that profile. It was one of the most difficult profiles I ever taught. I had an understanding of the map we were using and knew my music would work for multiple movements that we would encounter during the mountainous stage. But I had no idea of what the class would come up with as the timing of each climb, descent or flat we were going to ride. I find that a lot of people like to build their profiles based on the interval energy zone. Using a map to bring the road inside is an alternative to creating a structured energy zone ride. The attendees at the session were responsible for programming all but the warm-up and cool-down and they built a road that mimicked Stage 17 of the 2010 Tour de France. Take your favorite outdoor ride and turn it into a profile. Eliminate or shorten segments that do not add to your overall goal of the profile. Build your cues around how you felt while you rode that route or how the riders on the Tour felt when they were climbing the hills. You'll find you can create a ride that your students will appreciate. blog by Ralph Mlady for 6/21/2011




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