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This past weekend was such a unique experience presenting Resist-A-Ball sessions at the first collaboration between MindBody FitPro and Maddogg Athletics.  It was intimate and gave me the opportunity to spend quality time speaking with participants and finding out more about them and how they influence their clients and communities.  The venue was amazing with the perfect weather of Marina Del Rey.  We able to have outdoor workouts.  One of mine was on the roof overlooking Los Angeles and the ocean.  How lucky I am to get the teach a class like that, except for the sunburn - haha! Once again, Maddogg presented a new concept of circuits with large and small equipment. Presenting with multiple talented instructors is always is great environment where you can try new pieces of equipment and staple equipment in a new way.  The best of both worlds.  I highly suggest attending this conference and these circuit sessions to anyone who has the desire to learn in a fun and warm environment.  





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