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MindBody FitPro

What a great concept! I just got back from presenting at MindBody Fit Pro a new conference sponsored by MindBody Online and Maddogg Athletics. This 2 day event held in LA was incredibly unique focusing on both instructor education and professional development. There were workshops for instructors, workouts and lectures ranging from improving presenting skills to how to open a Pilates studio to the importance of social media. What a great opportunity for small boutique studio facilities and teachers.


Not only was the conference offerings incredibly unique but the location was amazing! We were treated to sessions on the beach, on a helicopter pad with an amazing view of the city and ocean and there was a beautiful zen like courtyard that at night was a glow with fires and lanterns.


This intimate conference was special, as over the course of a 2 day pre-con and 2 conference I felt like I really got to know the attendees. The smaller session sizes meant that I could really tailor my sessions to uniquely help address the attendees specific situations and questions. What a great start to a conference that promises to be a huge success in the years to come.




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