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Just arrived home (via the dreaded red eye) from working the MINDBODY FITPRO conference and feeling so excited to share the event with you! I thought it was one of the best conferences ever! The venue was beautiful  - allowing for beach workouts and outdoor yoga on the patio in the Glow lounge by the zen water flowing. The attendees who put their butts on those Spinner(R) Blades & NXT's over and over were incredible! So giving of their energy, warm and friendly and eager to soak up whatever the MDA team threw at them ... from being animals (Josh), to professional coaches (Sabrina), riding blindfolded on an early Sunday morning and being comfortable sitting with themselves (me!). The conference included many programming lectures which provided so much information for director, owners and those who are on the brink of both. It was refreshing to have as much behind the scenes information to pass along besides the typical instructor workshops.
A few of the highlights for me were having the MDA staff in my Bodyblade(R) teacher training on Thursday. They were so eager to learn all they could about this product in order to better serve all of YOU out there, they worked out hard to get all that information! Michaela is still recovering and it was 4 days ago! I loved the meet and great on the rooftop Saturday night! WOW! Perfect weather, the sunset, fabulous attendees and presenters, a photo booth and a little wine ... a good time was had by all! Truly so beautiful! It was such a relaxed environment for all and getting to connect with old friends was perfect (wish I had given you a good bye hug, Fred!).
I cannot go without mentioning how spectacular the epic Josh Taylor precon was .... on the helicopter pad up on the roof with video and the sunset behind him, it would not have been a more perfect setting! I truly do not know how he keeps coming up with these incredible rides and who he contacts to literally have the stars align to make it happen.

If you missed this year's conference keep you eyes out for the dates for 2013 - Marina del Ray, perfect weather, great hotel, fabulous presenters, and the rooftop experience! Don't miss it!!

Thank you to MDA and the sponsor's for a fabulous experience - I am so honored to have been a part of it!

And thank you to all the special people I met this weekend, keep riding!

Tami Reilly





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