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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE This weekend a group and I are heading off to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, for a full day of fitness workshops. While I was not planning on going, I caved into peer pressure (on facebook, no less!!) as other friends/instructors were going?so I decided that I had to go too, as they? will be getting continuing education and I would ?miss out? in some way if I didn?t also further my training. I?ll admit, I am nervous?it?s the first such type workshop day I have attended, and I ambitiously signed up for a number of sessions (and all but one of the sessions are full blow class trainings). But I feel like there will be lots of energy from not only my friends who are attending, but also from all the other instructors and thus, I?ll be able to feed off the energy of the group. After all, we are all there because we love the program that we?re training for! I know that this is probably a precursor to attending trainings that last an entire weekend?such as WSSC?which I?m hesitant to attend on my own. I think maybe that?s it?the intimidation factor is much more from being alone at such a large scale event, rather than the trainings itself. -June



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