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More than Indoor Cycling


         Spinning® classes are more than simply indoor cycling.  Those of us who attend classes regularly, those of us who have become MadDogg, JohnnyG, certified Spinning® instructors, those of us who have ever attended a Spinning® conference or event – we all know this.  Others may not. 

How many times has someone said to you “How could you do that? I would be soooooo bored just sitting on a bike indoors.”  Yes, well, so would I if all we did was to sit on a bike, turn the pedals and watch the clock.

We know that each and every time we climb onto a Spinner® we are headed into a training ride.  We have acquired tools to use on our journey and we have learned skills and drills to practice.  We know the signposts of achievement and progress and we ride towards those with determination, deliberation and expectation.

During the summer cycling season, for some, it is a privilege to be able to ride the roads or trails on two-wheels and we do so every chance we can get.  For others, for a variety of reasons, the Spinning® studio is the preferred place to be.  Often we, the lucky ones, use both.

On the roads we encounter fickle weather, potholes and traffic.  On trails we dodge roots and stumps, watch out for sand and mud, and navigate obstacles that test our courage. How often is a ride sabotaged by an unanticipated storm, unpleasant windy conditions or a good old flat tire or even tires?  Though we may be able to change the tire or wait out a cloudburst, a part of our ride has been tanked. We remind ourselves that it is all part of the experience, but it can be disappointing.

In the studio we have no tire to flat, no road circumstances with which to contend, no irate drivers, no dogs and no rain, snow, sleet or hail.  In the studio we have temperature control, total Spinner® stability, terrain that is governed by the turn of a resistance knob, music, and a coach.

Spinning® training identifies specific techniques to be utilized within the parameters of five energy zones.  These five zones include all that we need to know about fitness and cycling.  Training appropriately promotes endurance, strength, cardiovascular fitness, the ability to test ourselves at high intensity, and the opportunity to practice recovery.

As we sit, stand, run, jump, climb; train to music, respond to our instructor’s cues and borrow energy from others in the class; as we monitor our intensity through perceived exertion and/or heart rate; as we reach beyond our comfort zones; as we recognize the perfect marriage of mind and body – well, as we do all this, how could we possibly be bored?  Indeed, Spinning® training is oh so much more than simple indoor cycling.  And, we do not need any extras - no bells and whistles, no straps and balls or weights and bars or tricks and toys.  We simply need to bring our best game to each class and train within the realm of what is real.

Spinning® training challenges and complements. Each time we train we have the opportunity to gain fitness and confidence.  Sometimes we do not reach our goals.  Sometimes we get nailed by fatigue or inadequacy.  Always, however, we grow in awareness.  There are always new things to learn, experience and practice.  Boring?  I think not.

What about you? How does your Spinning® training fit into your weekly schedule?  Does it supplement running or paddling or gym workouts?  Do you come indoors to practice efficient, planned and controlled training? Is your indoor work a time of self-discovery? And, let’s not underestimate the camaraderie of our friends in class.  Oh my, we seem to have it all, don’t we?!




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