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When the topic of music comes up during the orientation, it is always a fun and interesting discussion. All instructors agree that music is important to the success of their classes but not everyone agrees on what makes the best music choices. The one consistent thing I hear about music from many instructors is how they like to do specific activities when a song?s tempo changes. In other words, when a piece slows down they go into a heavy resistance movement and when the rhythm picks up they encourage students to raise their RPMs. I often question this strategy, especially with new instructors. It seems that this approach sounds good when you plan it but it becomes overly cumbersome when it is presented. It?s not something I?m in favor of because it can encourage too many changes to both cadence and resistance within a short time span. It also has the potential of not allowing students to work on their form. One of the great opportunities we have as instructors is to observe our riders performance and provide cues that will help them improve in their enjoyment and efficiency. When music is constantly dictating transitions, the repetitions needed to be both a good student and instructor can be lost.



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