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Music selection is only part of it

When I conduct orientations each weekend, I enjoy hearing everyone's thoughts on music. The consistent answers are: It motivates everyone Good music makes class exciting, and bad music makes it boring. It is primarily responsible for building your following. It has to have lyrics. I won't attend a class that has "bad" music. I'm not writing this post to dispute or reverse any of those feeling. In fact, I agree with most of them. The point I try to consistently make each week is that I don't want instructors leaving the orientation believing that they are DJs more than they are teachers. They have to master their craft first. That means riding with: proper form, within the cadence guidelines, using appropriate resistance, and watching the people in attendance. Teaching Spinning is not performance art. It's a series of skills that include the selection of "good" music. It does not begin, or end, with music alone.



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