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My Thoughts on ECA

They say “like attracts like”; and after spending time representing Mad Dogg Athletics and our Spinning® Program at ECA Thrive, I couldn’t agree more. The attendees who attended my sessions and attended Brooke Hayward’s sessions were just as passionate about learning more about Spinning as we were to share our experiences. 

It all started with the preconference Spinning Instructor Training on Thursday. We had 31 excited individuals looking to make a difference in the fitness industry by teaching Spinning®. We even had three fitness instructors who spoke Spanish, understanding a limited amount of English, but truly connected to the language of Spinning®. Look for some new facilities to pop up in South Florida, Puerto Rico and Venezuela!

At the end of that day’s training, it got even better for me. I ran into Iain McKendry, a 19 year old Spinning® Instructor who has Cerebral Palsy but does not let that affect him in achieving whatever it is he wants in life. Iain will be the first to tell you that you need to stay strong no matter what, and to believe in yourself.

Well it was Iain’s words that helped me to get through the next three days. Always wanting to perform 110%, and be as helpful as I can, I tend to get a bit anxious and second guess my abilities.  That was not the case after speaking with Iain before Josh Taylor’s ride early Thursday evening. The take away message here for you…never underestimate your passions, your desires and your abilities.

At the trade show, Brooke and I encouraged our attendees to take advantage of the terrific discounts on all Spinning® attire, tools and resources; not to mention the awesome and professional service they would receive from Naftali, Ben and Tony. It was also at the MDA Booth I saw many of the same attendees making purchases to improve their Spinning® experience.


Thank you MDA for choosing me to present and for ECA (Carol Scott) for inviting us!




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